Watercolours and oils are Nicole Russell’s favourite media. She loves the vibrancy and transparency that the watercolours offer naturally, and the texture and richness of the oil colors. Her paintings show landscapes and water scenes with strong contrasts and rich color.

Nicole’s paintings are influenced by her fascination and love for impressionist paintings, especially of Edgar Degas, Renoir and Berthe Morisot. The play with color and light in the impressionists’ paintings is what she is trying to incorporate into her own artwork. Also, the way the impressionist artists are showing a moment in life is fascinating to her. Nicole’s artistic development has been encouraged and influenced in the United States by Christine O’Neill, Karen Tylec, Lee Boynton and Theodore (Teddy) Johnson and in New Zealand by Randall Froude and Ross Whitlock. These artists have taught her the beauty and challenges of watercolors and oils, introduced her to the impressionist palette, beautiful composition and showed her how to see and draw subjects.

Nicole’s family is from New Zealand and the paintings show her love for this country. However, the family lived in Annapolis, USA, for several years, and many of Nicole’s paintings are from this charming area. In 2013 the family moved onto their sailboat “Blue Raven”, getting ready for their Ocean passage to the Mediterranean and then back to New Zealand. For about four years the family experienced life on the boat with many adventures to remember. Being surrounded by water and boats is one of Nicole’s greatest inspirations. The light and reflections on the water are different every day and fascinate her. In October 2016 the family arrived in New Zealand and settled in Richmond/Nelson. Today, Nicole loves to paint seascapes, especially plein-air. Also, she welcomes commission paintings, knowing that the subjects are very dear and special to her clients.

Memberships: Nicole is a member of

  • Art Group Nelson (President),
  • Nelson Suter Art Society (working artist), and the
  • Tasman Visual Art Group.

Galleries: Nicole’s paintings can be seen at

  • Gallery ART@203, 203 Trafalgar Street, Nelson 7010, New Zealand, and at the
  • McKee Gallery at the Nelson Suter Art Society, 208 Bridge Street, Nelson 7010, New Zealand, during member exhibitions.

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